Opt out of Advertising or get Hacked?

Posted on securitycommunity

Are you in a position where if your phone is hacked it could make criminal attackers easier to hack your company?   From the story in Bruce Schneier’s blogpost about de-anonymization story:  About how a priest data was taken and used to eventually fire him because of his movement with his phone.   I call this a […]

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$92 Million Total Ransomware Payments Paid Out so Far

Posted on computersecuritynews

DarkSide Ransomware as a service (RaaS)  criminal group got close to $5 million to decrypt locked systems at Colonial Pipeline Story technewsworld.com Specialist hackers are selling their skillsets on the open darknet market.  Another Technewsworld article.  What is happening is that the hackers are now not only working on encrypting data and asking for bitcoin […]

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Who is Attacking Us Via The Internet?

Posted on China

We are always being attacked by criminal elements in  nation-states that are against us (China – Russia – Iran – and North Korea or NORK). The following information is presented copied from the FBI website https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/cyber/most-wanted   in case you can’t read the small letters here they are starting with the Russian WANTED BY THE […]

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NOT IF BUT when Ransomware Hits

Posted on ITSecurity Training

I am trying yet again to illustrate the enhanced risk we all take when we have friends, family, work connections, philanthropic connections, and many other connections.   In fact let us just call them social media X connections, family, work, and friends.   How many friends and other people do you talk to on a […]

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