LastPass Password Manager has Security Incident

As written on their Blog (  as of August 25th: “Two weeks ago, we detected some unusual activity within portions of the LastPass development environment. After initiating an immediate investigation, we have seen no evidence that this incident involved any access to customer data or encrypted password vaults.  “ Essentially they found a developer machine … Read more

Anticipating Cyberattacks Too Hard

As per another Black Hat talk by a reporter: “IT industry guilty of ‘lack of imagination’ in failure to anticipate cyber-attack evolution” Kim Zetter gave a talk at BlackHat USA on August 11 about how the new attacks by cyber adversaries have caught the security community flat-footed. Zetter told Black Hat USA: “[Operation Aurora] was … Read more

Cybersecurity in Travel: Reducing Risk on the Road

What do hotels and travel have to do with cybersecurity? Firstly when you’re out of home base, the profile of what you do online is different. Similar to home cybersecurity and office cybersecurity is different. When you are away from home what happens? You don’t have control over the network , WiFi  or other connections. … Read more

Every month New Vulnerabilities and Patches/Fixes

A new Vulnerability which was a “Zero Day” vulnerability in a Windows Tool called MSDT (Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool)  according to story You can see the tool here in the following image: (after typing msdt in the  Run or task search bar for Windows`10 operating system.)   As I have discussed before – in … Read more

Tik Tok and other Chinese Apps Data Compilation

What could go wrong when Tik Tok and other Chinese Apps are accumulating data? 2017 Chinese intelligence law must allow any company in China to give to the government any information that it requires. Which means that any data in any company must be given to CCP if needed. Chinese app must give information and … Read more