Vishing Attacks on The Rise

What is Vishing? Voice phishing, also known as vishing, is the practice of eliciting information or attempting to influence action via the telephone.(from site) Recently, a large U.S. company fell victim to a cyber attack that leveraged sophisticated phishing techniques involving phone calls to gain access to the victim organization. Phishing campaigns continue to … Read more

Catch22 CyberDefending: Why Defense Always Behind

why is the defense always behind? Are there some things that we inherently do not like to do?If there is something that is denying us from doing what is necessary to create a good defense then we have to be mindful of these actions – let’s review some Catch22 items.     Let’s face it … Read more

Can Small Businesses get Ransomware?

Unfortunately they can 1. Why Ransomware? because the ransomware attack software is out for everyone – it is easy to send attack emails to millions. 2. Most Attacks start with phishing emails. 3 Have you updated your systems? Also called patched your systems? every month Microsoft and other vendors release fixes to their software which … Read more