Need a remote work Programmer? Watch out for North Koreans looking for work

There is an indictment of a woman in Arizona (which made $6.8million) as a proxy between North Korean soldiers and unsuspecting numbers of people’s identities. From indictment form:   According to a May 2022 advisory by the Department of State, the Department of the Treasury, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, North Korea has … Read more

Meaning of 49million Dell Information Hacked

  Yes Dell API(Application Programming Interface) was hacked to the tune of 49 million customer records. (BleepingComputer article) What does that mean? Fortunately the data did not have financial data, only the following: “This data breach contained customer order data, including warranty information, service tags, customer names, installed locations, customer numbers, and order numbers.” So … Read more

Xiaomi Devices Have Cybersecurity Event

What is a Xiaomi device? It is a mobile phone made in China of course. At (a Colombia website) A digital marketing course does a SWOT(Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats) analysis for Xiaomi: “Xiaomi stands as a global technology giant of immense stature, securing a noteworthy position as the fourth-largest player in the electronic manufacturing … Read more

51% of Survey Respondents Hacked- Means What?

A survey by  Pentera in a Hacker News Story says 51% of respondents said they were hacked. What does a statistic like that mean to you? Are you tired of seeing stats like that? Since you have not  been hacked yet, does it matter to you? Volkswagen breach is discussed in Cybernews story(went on for … Read more

My AI Chatbot Got Hacked Now What?

Horizon3 has a post discussing Nextchat open source chatbot… Here is an interesting sentence: “From our research, the most widely deployed standalone Gen AI chatbot is NextChat, a.k.a ChatGPT-Next-Web. This is a GitHub project with 63K+ stars and 52K+ forks. The Shodan query  title:NextChat,”ChatGPT Next Web” pulls up 7500+ exposed instances, mostly in China … Read more