3 WordPress Plugins Have Bugs & Cause Cyber Incidents?

Another Article (SCMagazine) with more bugs that can cause cybersecurity incidents – WordPress Plugins WPMeta SEO, WPStatistics, and LiteSpeed Cache. So as usual – if you have these plugins, check your WordPress installation for updates as soon as you can. Hopefully the plugins have been fixed and then one can update, but if not WordPress … Read more

Meaning of 49million Dell Information Hacked

  Yes Dell API(Application Programming Interface) was hacked to the tune of 49 million customer records. (BleepingComputer article) What does that mean? Fortunately the data did not have financial data, only the following: “This data breach contained customer order data, including warranty information, service tags, customer names, installed locations, customer numbers, and order numbers.” So … Read more

Thousands WordPress Sites Hacked

BleepingComputer has the story WordPress sites have been hacked and then when you visit the site the following image comes and asks you to click a button which then leads you to enter information so the hacker can steal your crypto money. If you click on these buttons and then connect to your crypto wallets … Read more

Are You Sending Your Password Hash When Invite Clicked?

SCMagazine has the story ” Accepting Calendar Invite Could Leak Your Password Several steps and the hacker has to create the right environment, but if they can make you click on a calendar invite with the right circumstances your password “hash” will be transferred to the hacker. A hash are a number of characters that … Read more

Are you Hiring? Resume Malware Trying to Get to You!

SCMagazine has the story “Hiring? New scam campaign means ‘resume’ downloads may contain malware” “Requiring the victim to copy and paste the malicious domain name increases the likelihood the emails will make it past secure email gateways. Plus, with unassuming domain names like “wlynch[.]com” for a candidate named William Lynch and “annetterawlings[.]com” for a candidate … Read more