AI Used in Phishing attacks: BEC Business Email Compromise

What  do you read when you read the following: “BEC groups launch executive impersonation attacks in at least 13 languages” Specifically this is interesting: “These attacks demonstrate that BEC is a global issue and not just an English-only phenomenon,” said Crane Hassold, director of threat intelligence at Abnormal Security. “Our findings also show how cybercriminals … Read more

Another Problem In Cybersecurity: Too much work–> Burnout

Why is burnout important?  If we are dependent on IT personnel to perform actions on a timely basis even when off-hours work must be done. And then expect them to come to work on time, we are inadvertently stressing personnel . I know every job may have stressors, but the cybersecurity field creates some unique … Read more

Ransomware Risk Close to 0%?

How can ransomware risk be close to 0%? I made a video on Rumble and Anchor (Spotify) Rumble Video: The video is using information from the NIST document NISTIR 8374 RANSOMWARE RISK MANAGEMENT:A CYBERSECURITY FRAMEWORK PROFILE Ransomware Risk Management Fundamentals  NIST document Cybersecurity disinformation – Platform disinformation –   If done right the ransomware risk … Read more

Ransomware Risk Management Fundamentals

Looking across the Internet for new stories and new events in this holiday season I look at the fundamentals, thus found the NIST Cybersecurity framework profile:Ransomware Risk Management Specifically the NIST.IR.8374 document From this document I have  grabbed 3 basic items which everyone should be aware of in the image as well as in text … Read more