May 1st – Happy New Month – Cybersecurity Important?

Yes it is May 1st  today – so I was wondering is Cybersecurity still a thing? Tip1 A good cybersecurity tip for May first is to update and strengthen your passwords. Regularly changing passwords and using strong, unique passwords for each account can significantly enhance your online security. Consider using a password manager to generate … Read more

Can We Stop Phishing Attacks?

Is there anything that we can do that will completely stop all phishing attacks? Short answer is no. We can reduce them by trying to get ourselves off different lists, but the hackers and nation-states are always changing their methods, and ultimately the “attacker”  whether it is a local script kiddie(new hacker learning stuff), a … Read more

Has ChatGPT Already Crossed the Red Line?

OpenAI has breathlessly released the latest version (4.0) a few days ago.  This version has plugins which will allow the program to connect with other programs to sort or otherwise use the other programs as per  Including Expedia, Wolfram, Zapier, Speak, Fiscal Note, kayak, Instacart, Opentable, Klarna Shopping, Shop, Milo family AI, Retrieval, and … Read more

Another Problem In Cybersecurity: Too much work–> Burnout

Why is burnout important?  If we are dependent on IT personnel to perform actions on a timely basis even when off-hours work must be done. And then expect them to come to work on time, we are inadvertently stressing personnel . I know every job may have stressors, but the cybersecurity field creates some unique … Read more

Hacked? Got insurance? No Payout!!

SCMagazine story on January 3rd. makes you think about the efficacy of cyber insurance. The problem is the government fines and some of the details in the contract language: “The attorneys general of Utah and Oregon reached a $200,000 settlement with Avalon Health, which also requires the provider to develop and implement practices that aim … Read more