Fake Email? or Phishing Email?

I got this email from Cathy Clarke… It claimed to be able to help me get a tax refund due to the SETC and ERC federal programs because of the pandemic   Here is text of email: Hi <insert-name>, Just wanted to check if you’ve submitted your tax refund claim yet? SETC and ERC are … Read more

Risk Management AI Framework by NIST

NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) has come up with an AI Framework – still a work in progress, but it is coming into shape with this 1.0 version.   There are many aspects to discuss, but the most important are… The Core of the framework:   “A Culture of Risk Management is cultivated and … Read more

You Moved Your Stuff to the “Cloud”, What Could Go Wrong?

ArsTechnica has the story: “Unprecedented” Google Cloud event wipes out customer account and its backups The $135 billion pension account UniSuper (in Australia) which has 647,000 members thought it was being brought ‘up-to-date’ by moving it’s IT systems to the Google Cloud. Unfortunately this interesting post by CEO of UniSuper and GoogleCloud Head  explains the … Read more

May 1st – Happy New Month – Cybersecurity Important?

Yes it is May 1st  today – so I was wondering is Cybersecurity still a thing? Tip1 A good cybersecurity tip for May first is to update and strengthen your passwords. Regularly changing passwords and using strong, unique passwords for each account can significantly enhance your online security. Consider using a password manager to generate … Read more

Can We Stop Phishing Attacks?

Is there anything that we can do that will completely stop all phishing attacks? Short answer is no. We can reduce them by trying to get ourselves off different lists, but the hackers and nation-states are always changing their methods, and ultimately the “attacker”  whether it is a local script kiddie(new hacker learning stuff), a … Read more