My AI Chatbot Got Hacked Now What?

Horizon3 has a post discussing Nextchat open source chatbot… Here is an interesting sentence: “From our research, the most widely deployed standalone Gen AI chatbot is NextChat, a.k.a ChatGPT-Next-Web. This is a GitHub project with 63K+ stars and 52K+ forks. The Shodan query  title:NextChat,”ChatGPT Next Web” pulls up 7500+ exposed instances, mostly in China … Read more

How to Defend Against AI Spam Email?

So have you been assuming all spam to have spelling mistakes? Or just bad grammar? What if the email has impeccable grammar? How to defend against the bad guys using AI in their spam emails? NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) has a definition of phishing: Phishing Definition: ”  A technique for attempting … Read more

AI Can Be Dangerous For Cyberdefense or Privacy

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzzword which means many things in the spectrum of computerized or automated instructions.  There is machine learning neural logic and more, but let’s ask a GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) or I asked (a GPT AI site about types of Artifical Intelligence) Answer: There are several ways … Read more