Has ChatGPT Already Crossed the Red Line?

OpenAI has breathlessly released the latest version (4.0) a few days ago.  This version has plugins which will allow the program to connect with other programs to sort or otherwise use the other programs as per analyticsindiamag.com  Including Expedia, Wolfram, Zapier, Speak, Fiscal Note, kayak, Instacart, Opentable, Klarna Shopping, Shop, Milo family AI, Retrieval, and … Read more

Will Attackers Use AI to Attack Us?

Short answer to this question is Yes!  Bruce Schneier(a fellow at the Berkman center for Internet and Society at Harvard University) said this in his paper of April 2021: The Coming of AI Hackers “One, AI systems will be used to hack us. And two, AI systems will themselves become hackers: finding vulnerabilities in all … Read more