Who Are The Cyber Attackers?

  As in my book “Too Late You’re Hacked” Guidebook The hackers are in the areas of he world where cyber attacks are a part of national policy (China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea) CRINK if you like acronyms. Of course these attackers are not always government soldiers  (In China Unit 61398 performed the APT … Read more

BianLian is Changing Ransomware Group

BianLian is a Face Changing Chinese Opera, but it also appliess to a ransomware group that changes it’s attacks up a bit. Palo Alto Unit42 has a report: Unit 42 researchers have been tracking the BianLian ransomware group, which has been in the top 10 of the most active groups based on leak site data … Read more

Need a remote work Programmer? Watch out for North Koreans looking for work

There is an indictment of a woman in Arizona (which made $6.8million) as a proxy between North Korean soldiers and unsuspecting numbers of people’s identities. From Justice.gov indictment form:   According to a May 2022 advisory by the Department of State, the Department of the Treasury, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, North Korea has … Read more

Xiaomi Devices Have Cybersecurity Event

What is a Xiaomi device? It is a mobile phone made in China of course. At iide.co (a Colombia website) A digital marketing course does a SWOT(Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats) analysis for Xiaomi: “Xiaomi stands as a global technology giant of immense stature, securing a noteworthy position as the fourth-largest player in the electronic manufacturing … Read more

Chinese Cyberattacks: What Are They in 2024?

Microsoft Typhoon story: “Living off the Land” The story starts: ‘The attack is carried out by Volt Typhoon, a state-sponsored actor based in China that typically focuses on espionage and information gathering’ The Chinese attacked and stole state department employee email, in this Politico story about the Chinese hack: “Among the most sensitive information stolen, … Read more