Need a remote work Programmer? Watch out for North Koreans looking for work

There is an indictment of a woman in Arizona (which made $6.8million) as a proxy between North Korean soldiers and unsuspecting numbers of people’s identities.

From indictment form:


According to a May 2022 advisory by the Department of State, the Department of
the Treasury, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, North Korea has dispatched thousands of
highly-skilled information technology (“IT”) workers around the world, earning revenue that
contributes to the North Korean weapons programs, in violation of U.S. and UN sanctions. These
workers (i) misrepresent themselves as foreign (non-North Korean) or U.S.-based teleworkers,
including by using virtual private networks (“VPNs”), virtual private servers (“VPSs”), third-
country internet protocol (“IP”) addresses, proxy accounts, and falsified or stolen identification
documents; (ii) surreptitiously obtain IT development employment from companies spanning a
range of sectors and industries around the world; (iii) develop applications and software for their
employers; and (iv) in some instances, use privileged access gained through such employment for
illicit purposes, including enabling malicious cyber intrusions by other DPRK actors into an
employer’s network. These IT workers are often subordinate to North Korea’s Munitions Industry
Department (“MID”). MID is involved in key aspects of North Korea’s weapons program,
including overseeing the development of North Korea’s ballistic missiles, weapons production

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