CyberCrowd- to help solve Psychology of Security

You have heard of Crowd Funding?   Definition: Is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

It is time to help others that may not understand what is needed in cybersecurity


This is CyberCrowd:



Psychology of Security means that a significant percentage of people  will not pay attention to security unless attacked, which unfortunately by then it is too late.  2 reasons – Cybersecurity does not seem concrete, and willing to risk loss since it costs money.

There are many examples to this phenomenon including the latest example… the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack. Here a large critical infrastructure company did not do the cybersecurity actions that would be prudent (like separating business and operational networks) among other things that are still being uncovered by independent auditors/cyber reviewers at this date of writing on May 20th.

Notice how it is always after the fact that people are more willing to do what is necessary not before.

What i am trying to do with CyberCrowd is to all0w people close to small businesses or other people that are managing computers and networks to remind them that preventing attacks costs less than a major breach of your  network and computers (like in Colonial’s case)





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