Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

You can help your favorite business – ask them “can they survive a ransomware attack?” Many businesses go out of business 6 months after ransomware hit.

Due to Psychology of Security and complexity of Cybersecurity many businesses do not do what is necessary to protect themselves.  Get CrowdCyber and protect yourself.


Raise awareness – tell them to go to to Get the Approved Seal

The Approved seal means you will likely survive a Cybersecurity attack (or you may never get one in the first place) since you are preparing yourself with proper defenses.

When you walk into a business it would be nice to know that they are ready for Cybersecurity attacks – and with the seal now you know they are. Otherwise in 6 months after an attack (or less time) the business goes out of business.

Ask yourself can you rebuild the business if you lose your computer today?

CrowdCyber means that any person can remind a business to get cybersecurity defenses.

Contact us to tell us about a business that needs the minimum Cybersecurity defenses like PCI compliance.


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