CrowdCyber – to solve Psychology of Security

You have heard of Crowd Funding?   Definition: Is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

This is CrowdCyber:



Psychology of Security means that a significant percentage of people  will not pay attention to security unless attacked, which unfortunately by then it is too late.  2 reasons – Cybersecurity does not seem concrete, and willing to risk loss since it costs money.



We recommend to contact your neighborhood business and let them know they must get “Oversitesentry approved”

Until they get the following seal your favorite business may not survive a ransomware attack.

Contact Us to discuss how to get an “Oversitesentry Seal of Approval”


here is a way for you to get help with our CrowdCyber protection solution – we will send you PCI compliance information and more.

You can contact us with special contact info – and we will help you get up to speed As soon as Practical  AsaP.

To better prepare your business to stay in business even after a Cyber attack.

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