VPN Vulnerabilities show Work From Home(WFH) Weakness

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NSA has a cybersecurity  advisory It says that Pulse SecureTM, Palo Alto GlobalProtectTM, and Fortinet FortigateTM VPN(Virtual Private Network) products have vulnerabilities 3 of them VPN CVEs being currently exploited include but may not be limited to: CVE-2019-11510 and CVE-2019-1153 which allow for remote arbitrary file downloads and remote code execution on Pulse Connect Secure […]

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Is Psychology of Security Causing Cybersecurity Problems?

Posted on ITSecurity Training

What do I mean by Cybersecurity problems?  How about not patching  or upgrading your devices, taking inventory of your devices.  Making changes to the network or systems and not thinking about security. Or just plain old errors, mistakes, issues that arise after something new happens. Why would we not pay attention to these things? What […]

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How Important is Cybersecurity?

Posted on securitycommunity

What amount of time should be spent on preventing future Cybersecurity events?   During this Beer Bug crisis we have learned that Information Technology is an “Essential” business.  (Part of CISA classification “Critical Infrastructure Workers)   Notice it is only “Information Technology”(or IT) not Cybersecurity.   Even though it would be good if your IT […]

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