Ransomware Prevention Most Difficult Actions

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In my opinion the most difficult ransomware prevention actions would be the act of deciding to spend money on something that may not happen. (part of the dynamic of “Psychology of Security” Before we go into the details of the above sentence – lets review the attackers: What should be obvious by now when one […]

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5 Reasons to Fix Cyber

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  5 reasons to Fix Cyber Stay productive – keep running your business Making sure your devices are not used to attack others (part of good neighbor policy) Compliant with regulations (keep government in check) Emergency device failure would be taken care of Stay out of news The idea is to give 5 positive reasons […]

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Click on Scam Email –> Destroy your Data

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FireEye Blogpost last week about phishing emails using the iCEDID phishing infection has an interesting image explaining this concept: This is a sophisticated phishing setup and thus it behooves us to review this carefully. If you notice the initial phishing email when opened has several embedded items as well as a password structure so that […]

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