Cyberjokes v1.996 March 2020

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Some cartoons this Friday  03/20/2020: The joke always is that Defcon “is cancelled”  a few months before the event.  But the joke is now on Defcon organizers – The Event is “really cancelled”!!  “We are not joking” says the head organizer grand poobah.  “We meant to make it more formal, but were not sure how […]


Cybersecurity, Why a Higher Risk Tolerance than COVID-19?

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There are many  examples of high Cybersecurity risk tolerance – which show the executives not paying attention to Cybersecurity professionals until it is too late. Darkreading has another article on Cybersecurity burnout. The issue is the long hours many Security professionals have to perform and the general thankless jobs as they try to convince executives […]


What is the Highest Risk Attack on us Right Now?

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Is it Ransomware with a shotgun approach? A shotgun approach means the attackers are sending ransomware attacks to many computers – not picking their targets, only spreading out to whatever computer will answer a certain defense profile. Or ransomware that is targeted to specific industries? Will the ransomware attacker pick on a specific industry that […]