Secure computing solution

If one sets up a computer correctly it can be very secure.

With the right anti-virus/anti-malware solution, the NUC can be a very effective business platform. The
NUC can be set up with a SSD hard drive and thus will have a very low maintenance profile (with no moving parts inside).



The size of the computer  is less than 5″ x 5″ x 2″

or very muxh equivalent to an AT& Pace router for DSL:

ATT-nuc-router  or a bit smaller than an older Linksys router: linksys-wifirouter

Our partner Lazerware uses Centurion Technologies  SmartShield and SmartControl to reduce downtime when (not if) there are problems.

As the system can be set up to save settings and recover to a preset configuration (before the virus or malware)

Lazerware can configure the system with no fan, and a SSD hard drive (no moving parts), and with the correct configuration management software your computers will no longer have typical IT problems.

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the combination of low maintenance and correct configuration management software as well as anti-virus/malware


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