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What is Cybersecurity?

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Cybersecurity is the security of computers, phones, any devices with computer pieces in them (IoT – Internet of Things).

Cybersecurity definition as stated by Merriam-Webster : measures taken to protect a computer or computer system (as on the Internet) against unauthorized access or attack

So it is the unauthorized access or attack that is the key.

What are the attackers doing exactly and what can go wrong?

What computers and what devices?  regular computers, routers, wifi devices, phones, Credit card systems, point of sale devices (cash registers), and any devices with electronics built-in

So any computer device can be attacked and perverted to the attacker’s needs.

Who are the attackers?  Criminals – they want to steal your money, nation-states – N Korea, China, Russia, Iran, other countries that want to steal IP – Intellectual Property and steal money, Anonymous – political agenda groups, Young people testing boundaries(not so much anymore),

What type of attacks can there be(also How are we being attacked)? Man-in-the-middle, DOS (Denial Of Service),  Malware (malicious software), Phishing, SQL Injection, cross-Site Scripting(XSS), Credential reuse (usernames and passwords).

How are devices attacked?  Phishing – emails that trick you to click on them and then attack your device, Human error – lapses in judgement by users, Denial of Service attacks(DOS) creating so many requests that the attacked device cannot operate properly, Malware – Malicious software that gets installed on your devices, Social Engineering – attackers call and ask for unauthorized access and is given to them

Why are we being attacked?

The primary reason is that Criminals and nation states want to make money – to have you pay using bitcoin so that it is hard to trace the monetary transaction, Political agendas are a 2nd highest reason, 3rd is to prove a point – a test or insider attacks

When are attacks happening?

This is easy – if you think about it – anytime… the attackers are coming from anywhere in the world so when you are sleeping somebody else is awake. Or an automated attack can be programmed to attack at any moment

Can anything be done to defend for a computer owner or business?

Patch your computers, train your employees to spot phishing and social engineering scams, make sure Anti-virus and firewalls are setup and working properly.

Use CrowdCyber – by Oversitesentry : ask businesses if they are Oversitesentry approved.  Make sure your favorite businesses keep up with new attacks.

Always remember to have a backup of your data – and test the backup!!


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