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If you upgrade then we also benefit – since now your machine cannot be used by criminals to attack other machines. How can we help you understand to upgrade your system( i.e. Patch – install vulnerability fixes)?

This has been attempted before on this site – in the following post:   of course businesses can get hacked and they do.

The problems of a business in 2020 are many, and cybersecurity is only 1 of those problems.



If you do not have a backup, then ransomware comes and installs on your computer – thus encrypting your data which  causes you not to use your computer as you want.

Or when the criminal hacker installs software on your machine(malware) the hacker can now infect other machines using a United States

Since there are programs to deny certain countries to connect to your computer (like China, Russia and N Korea), but if they take over your computer then China can use your computer to attack others (which is in the USA).

Patching your systems and software, backing up your data, and many other functions need to be done to protect your devices.

We have to decide for ourselves whether the risk of doing nothing (or little -keep going as you are) is enough to make it through a potential Cyber attack?


What is this fabled cyber attack anyway?

What does it mean when you see a headline like this from The Hacker News:

In this Twitter post one sees the security flaw CVE-2020-6007 which happens to be in the Philips Smart Bulbs.   CVE is Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures which are located in

We have discussed this here

with the following infographic:

as you can see the Philips bulb is in the IoT vulnerabilities area, and it would be used as an entry into your environment, where after some time and more attacks (lateral movement) where the attacker is trying to find the real targets int the network. As they spend more time on the network they will find the weak systems and then the harder to get to systems – but only will attack the high value targets when they have spent much time on the network.   The bulb may be relatively useless, and would not be that important, except for the fact it is the door to your network.

The cyber attacker has time on their side, as they will eventually find what they are looking for (A system that you cannot live without).  So that way they can insert ransomware and then charge you for getting your system back.

Coming back to my original statement If we all patched our systems and light bulbs, or other IoT(Internet of Things) i.e. devices that connect to the network. Then we would be better off, since the doors to our networks would be closed.

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