Test and Upgrade Patch Tuesday This Week!

Yes it is patch Tuesday this week – this means that Microsoft has released a number of patches and thus others do as well. So that the administrators can schedule their downtime once instead of more times  than that. Let’s check Internet Storm Center today: So it means we have 99 vulnerabilities, of which one was being exploited.   RCE vulnerabilities   are   the ones to watch out  for-as   they the   ones  to watch  out  for  as  they  are  Remote Code Execution     

Surface Hub Security Feature Bypass Vulnerability

This is the important section, notice the ‘More Likely’ and ‘Critical’  under current version and old version. Also notice the one vulnerability CVE-2020-0674 is being exploited now, detected out in the wild. (left column is disclosed, right column of Yes/No is exploited.


from Bug found to patched Safe

Here is the complete software vulnerability lifecycle as I posted before in this post: https://oversitesentry.com/from-vulnerability-found-to-patched-safe/

You can see where we are at with the different patches up above. the most important patches are the vulnerabilities that cause RCE(Remote Code Execution)

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