More Pig Butchering or “Sha Zhu Pan” has a story on another incidence of Pig Butchering… As some youtube personalities with Chinese knowledge mentioned pig butchering refers to raising a pig to be ultimately butchered.  So one plays the long game, where one befriends an opposite sex person with carefully cultivated stories. As the person slowly trusts the scam which initially … Read more

Every month New Vulnerabilities and Patches/Fixes

A new Vulnerability which was a “Zero Day” vulnerability in a Windows Tool called MSDT (Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool)  according to story You can see the tool here in the following image: (after typing msdt in the  Run or task search bar for Windows`10 operating system.)   As I have discussed before – in … Read more

Tik Tok and other Chinese Apps Data Compilation

What could go wrong when Tik Tok and other Chinese Apps are accumulating data? 2017 Chinese intelligence law must allow any company in China to give to the government any information that it requires. Which means that any data in any company must be given to CCP if needed. Chinese app must give information and … Read more

Why Did China Declare War on West/USA?

Remember the  Exchange server hack from a year ago (post from 3/16/21)? “Exchange Server Attacks Just Beginning?”  “Attacks exploiting the flaws were first spotted in January. They initially were limited and targeted, seemingly for espionage: the adversaries primarily targeted specific email accounts. Microsoft attributed the activity to a group it calls Hafnium, believed to operate … Read more

China Attacking News Sites Now & CISA Agency Declares Patch This Bug Now!

Threatpost has the stories – “China Suspected of News Corp Cyberespionage Attack” media giant news Corp was attacked with BEC (the most likely method of attack) Business Email Compromise.   Here is an excellent FBI explanation of BEC. In a BEC scam, criminals send an email message that appears to come from a known source making … Read more