Is Zero Trust Architecture the Method of Future Cybersecurity?

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Palo Alto Networks has a Zero trust explanation: “Zero Trust is a strategic initiative that helps prevent successful data breaches by eliminating the concept of trust from an organization’s network architecture. Rooted in the principle of “never trust, always verify,” Zero Trust is designed to protect modern digital environments by leveraging network segmentation, preventing lateral movement, […]

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How Important is Cybersecurity?

Posted on securitycommunity

What amount of time should be spent on preventing future Cybersecurity events?   During this Beer Bug crisis we have learned that Information Technology is an “Essential” business.  (Part of CISA classification “Critical Infrastructure Workers)   Notice it is only “Information Technology”(or IT) not Cybersecurity.   Even though it would be good if your IT […]

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Cybersecurity, Why a Higher Risk Tolerance than COVID-19?

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There are many  examples of high Cybersecurity risk tolerance – which show the executives not paying attention to Cybersecurity professionals until it is too late. Darkreading has another article on Cybersecurity burnout. The issue is the long hours many Security professionals have to perform and the general thankless jobs as they try to convince executives […]

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