Xiaomi Devices Have Cybersecurity Event

What is a Xiaomi device? It is a mobile phone made in China of course. At iide.co (a Colombia website) A digital marketing course does a SWOT(Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats) analysis for Xiaomi: “Xiaomi stands as a global technology giant of immense stature, securing a noteworthy position as the fourth-largest player in the electronic manufacturing … Read more

51% of Survey Respondents Hacked- Means What?

A survey by  Pentera in a Hacker News Story says 51% of respondents said they were hacked. What does a statistic like that mean to you? Are you tired of seeing stats like that? Since you have not  been hacked yet, does it matter to you? Volkswagen breach is discussed in Cybernews story(went on for … Read more

My AI Chatbot Got Hacked Now What?

Horizon3 has a post discussing Nextchat open source chatbot… https://www.horizon3.ai/attack-research/attack-blogs/nextchat-an-ai-chatbot-that-lets-you-talk-to-anyone-you-want-to/ Here is an interesting sentence: “From our research, the most widely deployed standalone Gen AI chatbot is NextChat, a.k.a ChatGPT-Next-Web. This is a GitHub project with 63K+ stars and 52K+ forks. The Shodan query  title:NextChat,”ChatGPT Next Web” pulls up 7500+ exposed instances, mostly in China … Read more

Chinese Cyberattacks: What Are They in 2024?

Microsoft Typhoon story: “Living off the Land” The story starts: ‘The attack is carried out by Volt Typhoon, a state-sponsored actor based in China that typically focuses on espionage and information gathering’ The Chinese attacked and stole state department employee email, in this Politico story about the Chinese hack: “Among the most sensitive information stolen, … Read more

Will China Use Cyber Attacks in 2024?

Because it is an election year and because the sun is coming up over the horizon the latest FBI director is testifying in Washington to say China could (was and is) attack(ing) us using cyber. “FBI director Christopher Wray testifies on China’s growing cyber threat against U.S. — 1/31/24 (CNBC Youtube video)“ Christopher Wray, FBI … Read more