2022 What Did we Learn in Cybersecurity?

49 posts on this blogsite oversitesentry in 2022

There were many different posts  I chose 4 to highlight in early ’22:

What does Segmentation DonaldTrump Malware post Jan 25,22

Hackers are Ruthless: Attack Red Cross/ Red Crescent  500k stolen

China Attacking News sites now & CISA agency declares patch

APC UPS(Power Supplies) 3 Critical vulnerabilities.


And then including 4 more posts in the middle of the year including the Log4J issue, and video games as well as Chinese apps like TikTok.

Why Did China Declare War on West/USA?

Log4J: 4 Month Old Vulnerability – All is Fixed Right?

Every month New Vulnerabilities and Patches/Fixes
Tik Tok and other Chinese Apps Data Compilation

Finally in late ’22 the cloud and general security awareness is discussed in 4 posts rounding out the year.

What Happens When MFA is Hacked? Phishing is Accurate & Effective
Has cloud account been Hacked? Like Uber did?
Microsoft Vulnerabilities Cause Special Problems
October Security Awareness? Only Matters if Hacked.. Right?


Just a small taste of what was in the blog – check out my book “Too Late you’re Hacked” for more info.