October Security Awareness? Only Matters if Hacked.. Right?

I know it is October now with fall and the changing color of the leaves almost here (or starting to color slowly).

October Cybersecurity awareness with the season changing we also have to prepare our digital life.


Should you wait for shoring up your cybersecurity until after the hack? Of course this is a funny question, and the answer is no. especially after the fact – but we do not know when we will get hacked?

What should be done is to create a culture of security – where one spends just enough time on security aspects to reduce risk. How do you know what to fix first? Spend time continually improving the defenses by doing at least 3 items:

  1. Patch or update your computers/ network devices
  2. Create a security awareness training program.
  3. password management and backup solutions

It is time for you to prepare your environment for when the hackers pay a little attention – how far will they get? Do you have any weak systems?

One reason I wrote the book “Too Late You’re Hacked”  is to let people know what one has to start doing to prevent hackers succeeding on your systems.