3 WordPress Plugins Have Bugs & Cause Cyber Incidents?

Another Article (SCMagazine) with more bugs that can cause cybersecurity incidents – WordPress Plugins WPMeta SEO, WPStatistics, and LiteSpeed Cache.

So as usual – if you have these plugins, check your WordPress installation for updates as soon as you can.

Hopefully the plugins have been fixed and then one can update, but if not WordPress installations can be hacked.


What does that mean? as in my book, Too Late You’re Hacked or 2L8URHacked. Updating or patching your systems has to be one of the central points in any cybersecurity strategy.

  (updated image) shows issue when the patch is available – hackers are busy trying to hack you.

So you must update as fast as possible.

Thus WPMeta SEO, WPStatistics, and LiteSpeed Cache are the plugins with a bug at this time.

What are you doing reading this now? Go update!!

Of course if you do not have a program/security policy that drives updates, think about creating one.  My Guidebook


And my main book:

There are other issues in the ‘meaning’ of these WordPress plugin problems, if there is a hacked website then if you visit this site you could download some bad stuff unknowingly.

This is why you have to install browser helper objects to protect yourself, like MetaMask or Ghostery.

I am just suggesting some BHO’s you should do your own research into additional layers of protections.