During War are we getting Attacked More?

I am talking about the Russian war against Ukraine which started on Feb 2022.

Do you have 80 computes, more than a dozen? Then it should be obvious that they all need to be standardized and if standardized and wrong they will all get hacked.

So paying attention to details in your environment pays dividends.

You have the environment mapped out, it is being patched – all the systems are thus up-to-date. what else needs to be done?

What about the user?  It turns out the attacks on users are becoming more sophisticated as we show here:

  1. Fourcore post about Malware using OneNote attachments.  Tricking employees by clicking on attachments.
  2. MFA(Multi-Factor Authentication) is broken,  fixing it requires education
  3. 14 US healthcare organizations are actively targeted by Russian gang Killnet. it posed a message to it’s followers along with the list of targets on its telegram channel. Also Dutch hospitals were attacked.  Cybernews story “Russian cyber gang targets US Hospitals
  4. A new attack was observed for Critical ManageEngine vulnerability – it is a RCE (remote Code Execution) vulnerability.  Patches were released October and November of 2022, and if you still did not update will be in trouble.


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If you remove the war and increased hacker activity because of the war we could be talking about Groundhogs day a day early in cybersecurity because some of us are still clicking on stuff we should not. Which then causes problems and downtime.