Has ChatGPT Already Crossed the Red Line?

OpenAI has breathlessly released the latest version (4.0) a few days ago.  This version has plugins which will allow the program to connect with other programs to sort or otherwise use the other programs as per analyticsindiamag.com 

Including Expedia, Wolfram, Zapier, Speak, Fiscal Note, kayak, Instacart, Opentable, Klarna Shopping, Shop, Milo family AI, Retrieval, and more to come.




Interesting article on thefp.com  discussing how AI is uncontrollable David Auerbach says: “At Google, I got a close-up look at AI and how unpredictable these things could be, and how hard to control,” Auerbach says. “If something went wrong, AI tended to make it harder to figure out why it had gone wrong, and harder to fix without messing something else up.”

There are some interesting quotes from people who have worked with AI like “we do not know exactly how it works”. Probably points to the comment by Auerbach and the complexity of the AI code, especially if the AI itself added a lot of code (with human direction).


“AI works wonderfully in contexts like voice recognition or playing chess. The problem is when AIs are hooked to these meganets. That’s when the interaction of hundreds of millions of people and extraordinary processing power yields feedback loops that send these systems out of control.”

So what will the end result be for an AI ? I believe it will be the same as our long historyhas as outcomes: “Emperor, King, Dictator, Caesar?”