How Many Businesses ACTUALLY have Cybersecurity Problems?

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Yesterday’s story comes to mind as well as others recently that puts this issue back to the forefront. You know that when your company name is in the news for a Cybersecurity breach because your files are publicized by hackers your Cybersecurity practices have not been very effective. “The ransomware gang pinched files, including AutoCAD […]


More Stolen Data is For Sale on the Dark Web

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Most interesting information came to light recently, said that 7.5 million users data was stolen. The entity that stole the data is called ShinyHunters and we are talking about the mobile banking entity of which is an app that does some mobile banking, so it is a business wholly on the Internet. It […]

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4 cybersecurity maxims (General Truths)

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So i was watching youtube and wanted to find a video of a current Cybersecurity conference – instead this video made me realize that what Nick is saying has some value to repeat and expound: The Five Laws of Cybersecurity | Nick Espinosa | TEDxFondduLac So I reduced it to 4 because his number 5 […]