Cyberjokes v1.998 4th of July Weekend 2020

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4th of July image from Cyberjoke 4th of July edition  v1.998 2020 Images from Pinterest page Honest clickbait is still clickbait 🙂 Tru Spam infestation: “remove the cookies” please?   How about some jokes?   Let’s enjoy one of the last Independence Days before our complete dependence on China. Independence Day is […]


What Does it Mean “China attacks US Healthcare for pandemic information”?

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What does it mean when intelligence agencies claim that our helthcare companies have been hacked (or attempted) starting January 3rd? ( story – “U.S. Says Chinese, Iranian hackers Seek to Steal Coronavirus research”) “The alert came as U.S. officials charge that China and Iran since at least Jan. 3 have waged cyberattacks against American firms […]


Cybersecurity Scams and Coronavirus(Beerbug)

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Yes there are lots of Beer bug scams going around. Whenever the emotion is high with a lot of new events going on around the country, the criminal hackers are having a field day. scams about contact tracing – If someone call, emails, or texts about  contact tracing – i.e. identifying who got in touch […]