PCI Compliance is not Computer Security

PCI compliance has the basic settings for computer security but it will not ensure your corporation will be secure. For that to happen you must have personnel that implement security policies correctly, and it must be ingrained in all employees, as the weakest link is in our employee actions day after day.  It is difficult … Read more

Why Risk Management Model Failed Us

  Why has Risk Management  failed us? Every place you see “Accept risks” replace with Hacked computers.  JP Morgan proved this concept even with a seeming unlimited security and IT budget, some mistakes creep into the organization. 76 million accounts affected Every box with monitor and manage risks replace with Computer hacked from the internal … Read more

#Cybersecurity hiring problems?

How can we most efficiently solve a labor shortage in Cybersecurity?  We can’t hire robots(Lely Vector) like in Dairy farms: Where automation replaced jobs that were not being filled by mostly immigrant labor(80%). Don’t get me wrong we should automate as much as possible, since that will help with our IT security positions. Definitely use … Read more