DARKNET- Know it – Learn it

darknet-iceberg also called the “Deepweb”

Guess what the IRS was hacked, which actually means we were hacked.


In the thousands of breaches all over the world, the criminals are building a dossier data file on all of us that have any PII – Personal Identifiable Information.

Addresses (old and new), answers to questions like what is your favorite color.

What is your son’s name? Daughter? dog? Other pets? Social security number is almost easy for the diligent criminal. past jobs,

I am sure your health records are being brought into play soon.

As they build that dataset, the criminal is finding more and more ways to make money.

This guy has a $3mil bounty on him.  Mr. Bogachev is not likely to walk in your grocery store and pay with his ATM card.



It is nice of the IRS to stop the way the hackers attacked and were able to hack into the IRS: http://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/IRS-Statement-on-the-Get-Transcript-Application

But it looks like 100,000 taxpayers were not very lucky.


The darknet is unique, as one can purchase almost anything, including weapons (as this Swiss website noticed)





Deepweb, darknet  it means that one cannot access it with Google or with entereing a name or ip address in your browser. First one has to download a special application (Tor) or another one that hides your identity. I’m not trying to set up a how-to work the Darknet.


I am just trying to make you understand that there are a portion of computers in this world that we do not look at normally. On those computers the criminals talk among each other and sell their wares and services.

Here is an old one advertising itself (carder portal)



I have discussed an old Dark Net forum before…   http://oversitesentry.com/russian-criminal-website-taken-down-by-fbi/

the FBI was able to take that one down, but as you know one is down more come into being.


It is like a Yin-Yang thing, Good vs Evil.  there will always be evil, the sins are there just like the virtues.


For proof on this day July 25th 2016 there has been a public use of Darknet purchase:


The picture is from a DW.com (Deutsche Welle – is a German media company) news video segment.

Here is the story from dw website: http://www.dw.com/en/the-darknet-and-the-munich-murder-weapon/a-19425392

On the page there is a good video about darknet in English including AlphaBay Market.



The video report is a good explanation of good and bad uses of the Darknet.



I choose Good uses – you should also, but that is your decision.

Remember that Courage is a virtue – take the time and effort to do the right thing.


Also an apt Youtube video (regarding ΦΙΛΟΤΙΜΟ) or “doing the right thing”


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