Russian Criminal website taken down by FBI

Here is a video of the FBI agent and the VP of threat research  Dmitri Alperovitch and FBI Supervisory Special Agent Keith Mularski.


If you want to just go to  the site  and goto minute 41 where the FBI agent discusses the specific case of infiltrating the Russian cyber crime ring and take it down.


Although Dmitri Alperovitch also defines the Russian crime problem well.


This video discusses the problem of Russian crime gangs and he serious problem of how much money there is for the Russian and any other criminal elements.

And just because this site was taken down, there will be new ones, this issue will not go away, we have to be aware of this issue and defend our networks.


Especially financial institutions which have to be especially aware of their vulnerability.

Story at NY Times: Hackers attack cracked 10 financial firms

Apparently just because FBI took down one ring (60 people arrested) there are many others that will take over (as there usually are).