• Password Managers Hacked: Passwordstate and Lastpass
    Password Managers Hacked: Passwordstate and Lastpass

    Passwordstate security failure was worse than Lastpass – but any entity can be hacked or have a cybersecurity failure.

    Looking into the specifics Passwordstate issue is discussed in portswigger website.


    “Passwordstate was subject to scrutiny by Swiss security consultancy modzero AG following a customer request to check the password manager’s security.

    Modzero researchers Constantin Muller, Jan Benninger, and Pascal Zenker duly conducted an audit of Passwordstate and found a range of security issues, as documented in the team’s disclosure report (PDF)”


    modzero was able to find several technological problems with how the API works, as well as how the software accepts data – since the XSS(Cross Site Scripting) attacks were able to bypass the way passwords are stored and transferred to the user.

    “An Attacker can use  the XSS to read passwords or elevate their privileges. Exploiting an administrator account allows for RCE (Remote Code Execution). “

    RCE is always bad since there the defender does not know and will allow the attacker to execute malicious software at will.



    Finally LastPass also had a security incident(as shown in the main image of this post).  But fortunately the LastPass problems did not include the revealing of client data since the way they are stored means one must have the password of the user to open and see the information.  A good explanation of this technique in encryption is the mcafee blog entry here.

    This hack makes choosing a main password to your main account very important so that the hackers will have a very hard time into gaining access to your data in case something happens.

    Read my book to learn more about how good cybersecurity policy should be made.


    Just because these two companies/efforts had cybersecurity problems does not mean one should not have a password manager. In fact in this day and age it is more important than ever as there are just too many passwords to keep track of.


  • CryWiper Malware is in Ukraine-Russia Deletes Data
    CryWiper Malware is in Ukraine-Russia Deletes Data

    Arstechnica Story from a few days ago (12/2)  CryWiper malware is destroying data in Ukraine and Russia Are we going to Cry when it comes to our shores?

    Cry Baby Cry…


    What does this mean? This malware has been worked on for years , which means this is the 4th or 5th version of  malware  first released in 2017. From story:

    “In 2017, self-replicating malware dubbed NotPetya spread across the globe in a matter of hours and caused an estimated $10 billion in damage. In the past year, a flurry of new wipers appeared. They include DoubleZero, IsaacWiper, HermeticWiper, CaddyWiper, WhisperGate, AcidRain, Industroyer2, and RuRansom. “

    “In many cases, wiper and ransomware incidents are caused by insufficient network security, and it is the strengthening of protection that should be paid attention to,” Friday’s Kaspersky report stated. “We assume that the number of cyberattacks, including those using wipers, will grow, largely due to the unstable situation in the world.”

    What does this mean? I know that the company Kaspersky has ‘found’ this malware, and maybe we should not entirely trust them, which may be true… But we also need to be aware of the possible problems coming from that area of the world, since Russia is trying to defeat Ukraine they seem to have modified an old malware to delete data and not just create ransomware(to make you pay for getting your data back).

    The Kaspersky report itself claims that only Russian targets ave been hit so far… The report states that this is a fake ransomware program, as it pretends to be ransomware but is actually deleting data files (it leaves operating system and many system files alone).

    The definition of ta “Wiper” is a type of malware the purpose of which is to wipe or erase data from the hard drive.

    Remember that in the arena of ideas a hacker can take this idea and use it in their plans of deviousness. It depends on the goals, and a side effect of attackers in a warzone would be the escalation of cyberattacks.


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