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Criminal Hackers Will Find Your Weaknesses


Criminal tattoos – these are the guys attacking us. maximyastremsky

The Criminals have multitude of tools at their disposal, just like anybody with technical aptitude does. And just like water flows and creates new channels as it runs downhill the hacker will find your weakness.

Because the Hacker Economy is now in the hundreds of millions of dollars the criminals have a war chest and resources to truly make their operations more efficient.

If you notice more sophisticated attacks are here, with ransomware and other malware. With communication of attacker to victims Examples from articles:

{In addition to tracking the money victims paid, FireEye also looked at some of the messages exchanged by the attackers and the victims, many of whom have little or no understanding of what’s happened or why. Some of the victims plead with the attackers, saying they don’t have the money to pay for the decryption key, while others say that they could be fired if their employers find out about the ransomware infection. In some cases, the attackers reduce the price for victims, while in others they simply repeat their demands.}And we are letting the criminals in through our digital doors:

Why is this happening?  Are we lazy? is it just so difficult to set policies and make sure the various employees do their jobs?
Patching  software requires a full-court press of management and employee efforts with proper expenditure of resources.
There is no time like the current to make a compliance program and set it in motion to protect your machines from the criminal underworld attacking us every day.
My recommendation is to run with a testing program which will create as close to 100% security as possible.

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