Review Your Logs as Determined by your Annual Risk Assessment

That is what PCI(Payment Card Industry) DSS(Data Security Standard)  v3.1 April 2015 says at 10.6.2 and 10.6.1




This makes sense right? review your logs for security events, and of all critical components and systems.

The list of critical systems:


Any email server (proofpoint, antispam etc)


IPS/IDS system Intrusion Prevention-Detection System



Ecommerce systems


why internal and external? – I’m glad you asked that…  the reason is that we have to assume the malicious hacker is inside the network already.

Since the criminal hacker is lurking and hacking any systems that they can.


Of course as I have mentioned before  Mar 20


We do have to keep a close eye on critical systems, but that does not mean we do not do the work elsewhere. If the resources are not there to do a good enough job (defined by risk management process)…  then this must be communicated to the CEO or CFO as the importance cannot be underestimated.


Of course these next concepts assume you have a risk management process,  if there is no risk management then one has to create it.





The Criminal will try and find any way in so that they can escalate their privilege to create  more connections into your network, until they have the critical systems. So definitely do not assume all systems in the internal network are clean and safe.



It is relevant to copy a paragraph from the older post:

Here is the relevant sentence from the Wall Street Journal Article:

{Hackers appear to have originally breached J.P. Morgan’s network via an employee’s personal computer, a person close to the investigation has said. From there, the intruders were able to move further into the bank’s systems. Employees often use software to tap into corporate networks from home through what are known as virtual private networks.}

And a previous post  with a similar theme:  Feb 4 post


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