Cisco VNI Says 3x More Data by 2019

  Cisco’s survey of Global network traffic is being reviewed by Network Daily, so I thought I would discuss some of its ramifications for IT security. White paper link:   Network World Link: “Cisco Sees Internet Half Full” 24 Billion devices will be on the Internet by 2019 up from 14 Billion in 2014.   … Read more

Health Records Breached: No CyberInsurance Payout Why? Stupidity

following story says that 32,000 patient records were placed on an insecure server on the Internet  within the Cottage Health System. Unfortunately a simple Google search would reveal these patient records which is against the HIPAA privacy guidelines. Apparently the Hospital did have cyberinsurance from Columbia Casualty  insurance according to   Santa Barbara hospital … Read more

Why Do Constant Vulnerability Analysis?

What can we do to shore up our defenses? If you already have a firewall, an IDS/IPS, an anti-virus software.  Is that all there is to make your network as close to impervious as possible?   I.e. the six sigma security that I have discussed in past blogposts: How to test your environment? – … Read more

DARKNET- Know it – Learn it

 also called the “Deepweb” Guess what the IRS was hacked, which actually means we were hacked. In the thousands of breaches all over the world, the criminals are building a dossier data file on all of us that have any PII – Personal Identifiable Information. Addresses (old and new), answers to questions like what … Read more

How-Why Hackers Do What They Do?

After a long Weekend  I wonder if there is a good enough understanding of how(and why) hackers do what they do – i.e. What makes a hacker want to take control of an airplane just to see if they can do it? There is a widely discussed Wired article:  about hacking an airplane and potentially … Read more