Cisco VNI Says 3x More Data by 2019



Cisco’s survey of Global network traffic is being reviewed by Network Daily, so I thought I would discuss some of its ramifications for IT security.

White paper link:


Network World Link: “Cisco Sees Internet Half Full”

24 Billion devices will be on the Internet by 2019 up from 14 Billion in 2014.   A compounded annual growth rate of 11.4%


IP traffic will triple

Machine to Machine connections grow from 3.3 Billion(2014) to 10.5 Billion(2019)

Video conferencing will triple(76mil  to 220mil).

Mobile traffic has increased 30times from the the size of entire Internet in 2000.

497 million Mobile devices were added in 2014 and smartphones accounted for 88% of that growth.


I think you get the message the Internet is growing in an exponential manner.

And continues to grow in an exponential manner by 2019 and likely beyond. But it is hard to predict what will happen.


We have discussed this before, but the Internet will get busier and just a lot of mobile traffic  as well -not only that but we are going to connect to the “Cloud”




So that is the Mobile cloud traffic?

Video Streaming

Audio Streaming

Online gaming

Social networking

Web browsing

Online Storage


Of course 4G traffic will be highest in the next 4 years.

Some of this is obvious, but why don’t we  take this to where this will lead us in the Security field?


If we don’t fix our systems and testing processes then it will be too late as the Internet floods with insecure devices being compromised.

we must work on this, and of course it can happen as 4 years is a long time.





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