The iPhone TxT msg – Latest Security ‘Problem’




This “bug” that is now a kind of DOS (Denial of Service) attack is indicative of many Security problems that we have currently.


There is a specific problem when somebody texts these quirky unicode characters:

only unicode (some of them have been struck so as to make it a bit harder to copy)

As opposed to other Unicode characters: ¤ ∏ ⇔

As I mentioned yesterday in the Weekend blog, Cisco in it’s numerical sensing self (it is a router company after all) has forecasted out that there will be a lot more people going on line in the years to come, and not just a few more, but  3x the traffic in 4 years.


Why do I bring this up and what does it have to do with this iPhone obscure problem?

Since we have increased in traffic from 2000 until today and the security problems have become a lot more obscure it is only a natural progression that more people will be able to create yet more obscure security combinations.


So (I feel like a broken record) there will be more security events, more traffic, more problems, and it is more than high time that the rest of us get our act in gear.


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