tips and tricks against phishing

Tips and tricks against a phishing cyberattack is what we need if 80% of all cyberattacks  are

  1.  Phishing email is a lie – attempts to get you to click on a link —– The Code in the link does not go where it says
  2.  Email tries to trick you into acting fast – so as not to think impulse to click.
    Do NOT click on link!!
    3.  Emails are not trustworthy – especially ones that say “You Must click here” The email “From” can be changed or ‘spoofed’
    4.  Banks, finance co, (or IRS) do not contact you to make you do things. Companies are bound due to legal reasons

    5.  No vendors state:”Service will be terminated unless you pay” as the first or second contact!

    Always connect to vendor on your own with a direct link or bookmark
    6.  “Unfortunately” Nigerian princes do not send money

The reality is that many spam and phishing emails are lies which try to hide their true intent (steal money or resources).

What should you do?   Start to learn how to spot phishing emails.

Create rules on how to treat various events

#1 never give out information or money to phone calls. – Never means never!!

you have to do your own research and contact the person back,

#2 For emails never click on links in emails – if you are going to use a link copy the link (learn how to do this) destination and paste the destination location into a notepad or word document. Now you see where you are actually going.

You see a previous phishing example link can send you to anywhere the coder/attacker wants to (the link in this sentence is a previous blogpost)

#3  texting : do not give out any money  over a text – no matter who you are texting.   Which means credit card numbers or other items.  Do not click on links in texts either.  Before texting with others make sure you know who they are – no random people texts or other shenanigans.



tips and tricks against phishing


Always remember to not click on anything with “URGENT”  do this. Remember that email from line can be changed to anything. So the attacker can camouflage themselves .  Learn how to spot bad English (it is likely spam or phishing).

I would also like to point out (from my book) “Too Late You’re Hacked” that the nation-states attacking us.

will do whatever they need to (Lie, cheat, and, steal) The nation-states are China, Russia, Iran, and NorthKorea) CRINK  an example from a previous post:

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