New Cyberstrategy: FBI Depends on Hackers to Be Nice

Yes The hackers that just hacked the FBI email server only spammed thousands of email addresses and all they did was embarrass the FBI. The Criminal Justice Information Services division (CJIS) from FBI which apparently manages several national crime information systems, available to the criminal justice community. According to KrebsonSecurity  the “from address” emails to … Read more

Upgrading Computers Means We Are All Better For It

If you upgrade then we also benefit – since now your machine cannot be used by criminals to attack other machines. How can we help you understand to upgrade your system( i.e. Patch – install vulnerability fixes)? This has been attempted before on this site – in the following post:   of course businesses can … Read more

Cybersecurity Awareness

What is Cybersecurity? (updated  image with yellow text for better contrast – 2/25/20) Cybersecurity is the security of computers, phones, any devices with computer pieces in them (IoT – Internet of Things). Cybersecurity definition as stated by Merriam-Webster : measures taken to protect a computer or computer system (as on the Internet) against unauthorized access … Read more

Raising Cybersecurity Awareness with CrowdCyber

You can help your favorite business – ask them “can they survive a ransomware attack?” Many businesses go out of business 6 months after ransomware hit. Due to Psychology of Security and complexity of Cybersecurity many businesses do not do what is necessary to protect themselves.  Get CrowdCyber and protect yourself.   Raise awareness – … Read more