Cybersecurity Means Anti-China?

Why would  Cybersecurity practitioners be against CCP China? According to the above image which catalogs the top5 countries blocked by the firewall to this website – Russia, US, China, Germany, and Singapore. Let’s face it  we are getting attacks from the whole world.The top 4 countries that are on every cybersecurity practitioner radar should be … Read more

OnePlus9 Made in China – Problematic?

The Android Phone One Plus 9 is made in China by BKK There seem to be lots of reviews like by Android Authority of this relatively new android phone. But no one is talking about the 900 pound Gorilla in the room or is that Elephant? – I always thought  elephants weighed more! I have … Read more

Why Bow To CCP (China)?

Why are we bowing to China, by that of course I mean CCP – Communist China Party or the way they like to say “Chinese Communist Party”. I want to be clear: I am against the CCP not the Chinese people.   Why are we letting them steal our IP(Intellectual Property)?  The CCP do not … Read more

China and your Cybersecurity is What?

Don’t you wish that Chuck Norris came out of retirement and took on the Chinese cyber hackers? First let us set the stage: We have discussed  in the past blogpost the ‘awakening moment’ of Chinese hacking into American companies: Here is the post  (I like to show you the full link so you are … Read more

Should You be able to Invest in Chinese Stocks? If China Hacks our Computer Networks?

On this Friday – for something slightly different on this website:   If China is hacking our computer networks as has been proven time and again – should people be allowed to buy Chinese  stocks on our Stock exchanges?   Since Chinese companies are partly directed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)due to all companies … Read more