Why Did China Declare War on West/USA?

Remember the  Exchange server hack from a year ago (post from 3/16/21)? “Exchange Server Attacks Just Beginning?”  “Attacks exploiting the flaws were first spotted in January. They initially were limited and targeted, seemingly for espionage: the adversaries primarily targeted specific email accounts. Microsoft attributed the activity to a group it calls Hafnium, believed to operate … Read more

Fileless Malware Attacks VERY Hard to Detect

As a Malwarebytes blogpost states, here are 5 reasons why fileless malware is used by attackers: The most common use cases for fileless malware are: Initial access. The first step of a cyberattack is to gain a foothold on a system. This can be stealing credentials or exploiting a vulnerability in an access point. Harvest … Read more

Log4J: 4 Month Old Vulnerability – All is Fixed Right?

is everything fixed now about 4 months after the vulnerability was disclosed (and discussed here December 13,2021) So on this day in March (the 4th)   Threatpost has a story from a few days ago: Millions of Java Apps Remain Vulnerable to Log4Shell (a Log4J vulnerability) The main sentences in the story are the following: “Researchers … Read more