Why Bow To CCP (China)?

Why are we bowing to China, by that of course I mean CCP – Communist China Party or the way they like to say “Chinese Communist Party”.

I want to be clear: I am against the CCP not the Chinese people.


Why are we letting them steal our IP(Intellectual Property)?  The CCP do not value original inventions – as they cheat and steal everything,  therefore no need to innovate as one should just wait for the Americans or Europeans to create something and then steal it.

The beauty of this is that the Americans do not protect their stuff so it is easy to steal.

Why is CCP doing this? They have a catchy saying:

Catch up UK overtake America  : 英国超美国

The country of CCP has definitely caught up to the UK, and they are feverishly working on overtaking the USA.

CCP wants to win the information war in the Global arena of ideas and  government policies. I.e. Authoritarian policies are better than democracy.

The CCP is proud of  it’s genocide of the Uyghurs, Of course the CCP defines it differently. CCP says they are re-educating the minority which would otherwise kill Han Chinese(very few cases of terror attacks – since the Han are trying to remove the Uyghur minority ethnicity).

Thus a couple of deaths justify removing the ethnicity of Uyghurs and the religion of Islam from all of China. After the ‘re-education’ there will be no more minorities, only Han Chinese ethnicity, language, and religion.

The reality is that if you need an organ the CCP will sell you any organ that you need anytime you need it. Due to harvesting Uyghur people. Basically a match is made, the Uyghur loses their life and you get an organ.  If no Uyghur matches then any other prisoner will be checked to find a match.

Where else in the world can you line up an organ within a few weeks?

It is a tens of millions of $s business.

Basically the CCP Han majority will do anything for money. Ethics are not known to the Han Chinese CCP.

The CCP believes they can keep power by placating the people with money.

The problem becomes when the totalitarian government has 5 different  levels of corruption,  for example of corruption: This video of Youtube serpentza channel (In this video the scam of the high GDP and building new apartments)

  1. Corruption in the highest levels of Beijing (CCP party leaders)  provincial level  (34 provinces)
  2. Next is the Prefecture leadership  (333 prefecture -level divisions)
  3. Counties of China (2851 county-level divisions)
  4. Township level  leaders (47,034 township-level divisions)
  5. Village level leaders (~600,000 villages in China)


Admittedly Wikipedia is not the greatest accurate body of work on the Internet, but I am not trying to be super accurate down to the exact numbers of each level of leadership.  We know there are millions of Chinese party members and of course this makes sense in a country of ~1.4Billion.


But think about this for a minute as serpentza notes in the video

“Why China’s Crazy Housing Bubble REFUSES TO BURST!”

When the economy absolutely HAS to grow at X % everyone down the chain of command will create a method to ensure their part is done. whether it is or not the papers are written it is.  Otherwise an immediate red flag is placed up the chain, and soon you will be gone. Authoritarian governments do not tolerate failure well.  every now and then an inspection comes and you have to create the facade that things are as you said in the reports, but in general everyone knows what is happening.

The worst problems are at the lowest level since the actual land deals have to occur like this:

The CCP owns the land (since the CCP owns everything). CCP leases land to companies in an auction. The company will win the auction of 70 year land lease.

The company is now set up to build a building on the land as fast as possible (there will be no building inspector that cannot be bought if necessary). Once the plans are made the building apartments of 70 year leases will be sold. Nothing has been built so far. only plans (do not worry about details here it is more like a marketing push).

Because of past problems in the stock market the best investment in China for  anyone is buying apartments. So obviously everyone bids them up. The reason the apartments are the best investment is that this is the one place where everyone skews the corruption to make sure it works at least in the facade level.

In fact the actual building and moving in of apartments is not really necessary, as the more of a shell  the building is in (the facade has to be there) the better to more profit for the building company.

So there you have it 6-7% of GDP . It is all fake. One picture of many


Guomen Bay China



why would any US business want to make money in China/CCP? because they have been taught to believe there are a lot of profits to be had in China, but no one talks about the negative consequences.  The more money China gets the more corruption there is.

Sometimes people that live in small buildings are displaced by corrupt village level administrators NPR story of just one example: https://www.npr.org/2020/08/10/893113807/china-speeds-up-drive-to-pave-rural-villages-put-up-high-rises

The ongoing mass demolition and consolidation of villages scattered across China has become so common that residents colloquially refer to the initiative as “pulling” villages out from the ground, much like one would pull out a rotten tooth or a weed.

“The government does not care whether you live or die. They only care about whether you sign an agreement to let them demolish your home,” said Wang Caishi, 66, a resident of Shandong’s Red Boat Village.

This is just one instance of corruption. And the bottom line is to ‘create’  new land opportunities which can then be built into fake buildings if not needed. Only a small section of buildings are actually used consistently.

This method of building can create new construction out of nothing sometimes and make sure at least a facade has been built to ensure the numbers are all there.

If the CCP wants to create  6% GDP they will.


Update on 3/30/21  Found a story on how one citizen could not find redress when trying to get compensation for his residence taken by local village communist party members while judges also refused to give him proper compensation: Asia news story

Guangdong: Expropriated farmer blows himself up in government office

A farmer set off a homemade explosive device at a government office in Mingjing, a village in Guangdong province, last Sunday. Five people, including the bomber, were killed, five wounded.

This is what happens unfortunately in a society where there is no way to get a legal solution some people become desperate and take very sad actions.

The area in question is home to about 3,000 people, and was chosen last year for major property redevelopment. A Shanghai developer wants to recreate an old village to attract tourists.

The eight-billion-yuan (US$ 1.2 billion) project involves some 270 acres of land (110 hectares), and the relocation of farmers.

Relocation of farmers and others from their long held land is a bad practice by CCP, but is necessary for their fake GDP numbers!!!


Now go back to cybersecurity as this blog is about Cybersecurity after all.

Can you imagine one of these village administrators might have a computer capable person on hand? So then they can start a criminal career to steal American Intellectual Property or other ways to make money as I have stated in the past with ransomware. ransomware might be more profitable in certain areas of China, Undoubtedly 100 of the 600,000 village level administrators has set up a criminal enterprise on the Internet.

If you knew someone in the upper levels of China you might even get a green light to do this, or might even get seed money since the places to park money is not a good idea all the time.

This is not a stretch of he imagination.

What about if you are TicToc? Now you can obtain all of the user data of the person with the app (as long as they agree to it by making them click agree in the beginning). If your time horizon to use the data is 10 years maybe the user with TicToc will become important and then TicToc can sell the data to a high bidder.

In China anything goes there is no privacy, there are no rules that say you can’t use the click data for something else. If you click on refrigerators then tictoc can start to send Fridge videos your way.  If the right person paid them tic toc could download some software and then place other things in your devices. Hopefully ransomware does not come onto our phones, but it likely will.   A quick search already shows it is starting:



My point is that China/CCP is not interested in a normal relation with itself and the world. Every possible connection to their people could precipitate the downfall of their government so therefore the CCP is paranoid. They will work as hard as possible to make sure their system will supercede America(USA). And if that happens all is good, since the CCP will stay alive.

In the meantime it is interesting to note they will use any method possible to stay in power, which includes paying off officials in any country.

why would any company in the USA not want to defend itself from the predatory policies of the CCP?  If you leave a weakness in your computer it will be taken advantage of. Any weakness will be abused. All computers can be used to attack other computers.

There is software that declines all traffic from some countries. Thus any traffic from China would be denied. What if an all world computer is hacked in the US? Now that the hackers in China have control of a computer in the US they can attack computers in the US that have filters on them.   Any computer in the US is a target.


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