OnePlus9 Made in China – Problematic?

The Android Phone One Plus 9 is made in China by BKK

There seem to be lots of reviews like by Android Authority of this relatively new android phone.

But no one is talking about the 900 pound Gorilla in the room or is that Elephant? – I always thought  elephants weighed more!

I have made separate posts on LinkedIn which explaining that domain name ` is from China?  Apparently the Chinese have no problems with remembering lots of numbers, so that is why marketing a phone with 2 numbers in it 1+9. or OnePlus9.   I was explaining a spam email I got from and another numbered domain name so I looked up this domain name and it is an email hosting company from China, here is the spam email:


So BKK is what kind of company?

One has to go to the South China Morning Post to find the skinny on BKK since it is a private company.

Duan Yongping may be an enterprising individual which is hard to do in CCP China these days, but unfortunately if one is located in CCP China one is beholden to the CCP even if ‘private’.  this means if you have a OnePlus phone then at anytime any part of a possible phone upgrade could install something that the CCP  requires.  there are no privacy  laws so any information you enter into the phone can be used against you.


My recommendation as a Cybersecurity practitioner is to  not buy a phone made in China from a Chinese company.  Maybe you can buy an iPhone from Apple that is made in China, but at least the iPhone has some rules since the Apple company follows the laws of the USA

Here is a story about the rise of BBK :

BBK Electronics is not a name you would’ve come across a lot, and that’s by design. The Chinese conglomerate is privately held, and its billionaire founder and chairman Duan Yongping is reclusive, rarely giving interviews to the media. Duan started out as a teacher, but his big break came when he joined Zhongshan Yihua Group, where he set up a unit to manufacture video game consoles that were essentially copycats of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Thus another start in China by copying other devices – this is not necessarily news as IP protection is relatively nonexistent in China so therefore people do not create new devices. instead one finds people that gt very good at copying. Thus Duan Yongping is reclusive (good in China) and good at copying also good in CCP China.


Does that mean it is a good idea to buy a cheaper device that  may steal all your information in the future?

One of the things that you do in IT – Information Technology is catalog and sort all the devices one has on the network. This includes phones, and even devices that your employees carry. How would you feel if inadvertently one brought unwanted software into your network?

The reason to catalog is to know what you need to patch and update. When to upgrade due to EOL(End Of Life issues.  and more.


we always have to stay ahead of the game by knowing what we have and anticipating problems.

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