Cybersecurity Means Anti-China?

Why would  Cybersecurity practitioners be against CCP China?

According to the above image which catalogs the top5 countries blocked by the firewall to this website – Russia, US, China, Germany, and Singapore.

Let’s face it  we are getting attacks from the whole world.The top 4 countries that are on every cybersecurity practitioner radar should be Russia, China, Iran and N Korea.

Some questions come to mind:

Should China be boycotted for the Uyghur  genocide?

Is it because the CCP government allows all types of corruption and facilitates the attacks on western nations? One push is to steal Intellectual Property so that China can catch up to the US.

Why should we focus on China instead of Russia?  Is it because the Chinese economic power has risen to a point where it can challenge the US?

Or is it that CCP China hides it’s attack’s by using it’s ‘soft power’? What is soft power? It is when you lie about your GDP, about how well your people are doing, and other national data points to then claim that your system is best.  Why is that relevant? Because then the Chinese CCP can say we are the better system (even if it isn’t – or at least there is no way to tell because of the obfuscation)

Think about it, now CCP China can claim we have the better system so believe us when we want you to follow our economic path or our economic recipes.

The real issue is that CCP China has stolen it’s way to a higher GDP so if there is nothing else to steal how will China continue to grow? The real estate scam is only going to go on for so long and then it will be a spectacular fall.  the other ticking time-bomb in China is the low birthrate (below 2.1 which is the level of stay even)  South China Morning Post story:

With that, China’s fertility rate bounced back somewhat, reaching 1.58 in 2017, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. But it is now again on a downward slide, falling from 1.49 in 2018 to 1.47 in 2019.

In such a difficult to live society (low-trust) there are not as many people as the state wants that want that 2nd or third child.

Besides they may remember the great famine in  the past. When 36 million people starved.  The Guardian Story:

Half a century on, the government still treats the famine as a natural disaster and denies the true death toll. “The root problem is the problem of the system. They don’t dare to admit the system’s problems … It might influence the legitimacy of the Communist party,” Yang says.

The death toll is staggering. “The most officials have admitted is 20 million,” he says, but he puts the total at 36 million. It is “equivalent to 450 times the number of people killed by the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki … and greater than the number of people killed in the first world war,” he writes.

When one has a bad combination of CCP tenets:

lack of transparency, Corruption within the party – no one wants to let the upper management know there are problems if there are. The process of dealing with CCP china is opaque at best. Thus CCP china does what they want whenever they get around to it, instead of telling people what really happened and learning from mistakes.  There is no path forward except the corrupt path.

When dealing with a country that has that much political power, has a lot of people(can afford to lose a few), starting to gain military power, What do you think will happen?

The CCP will not give up its power easily, in fact we are likely in a cold war with them now.



Let’s ask this question -If you knew China is going to attack you with everything they have although it may be covertly, what should your plan be?


Would you go to an Olympic event that they sponsored?

Would you buy stock in Chinese companies?  Since the CCP requires all Chinese companies eventually to hand over information to them, if the company you bought stock in becomes bigger and has a side project to steal IP. Are you indirectly funding IP thefts?


You see the more questions you ask (not even bringing up the forced labor and organ harvesting) the more you become skeptical with the current methods.

I have posed some of these questions before:

Should You be able to invest in Chinese Stocks?



What has changed since this image taken from an article in 2015?

Hackers–>>  CCP >> Companies>>  NASDAQ/NYSE –? your mutual fund –   Are we always going to put money ahead of our security/personal data stays personal thinking ?

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