Yes You Are the Company That Will Not Get Hacked

Don’t worry about the bad guys – you do not have anything to steal. (like your computer/devices, your PII or Personal Identifiable Information)

You have not been hacked yet so you will continue to be blessed with good luck or will be passed over.


Do not worry about the latest attacks like Microsoft email software “Exchange server”.  WSJ article:


“A leading theory has emerged in recent weeks, according to people familiar with the matter: The suspected Chinese hackers mined troves of personal information acquired beforehand to carry out the attack.”

The attacks coming a re slow and steady – they are stealthy you will not notice for a long time (if ever – it depends).


But at a certain point you will know what is going on and by then it will be too late.  Are you proud of your business accomplishments?  Do you tell everyone on LinkedIn? yes that is likely how the Chinese hackers started their attacks.


Is it that you believe your feelings that say you are ok today and thus you will be tomorrow.



Have you actually used your intelligence to think this through?

Logic and mathematics rule the Internet not feelings.

The threats on the Internet are such that anything directly connected to the Internet is always being probed and attacked.

If you do have a vulnerability then it will be attacked and your system will have someone on it to see if they can own it or in hacker parlance: pwn it

It really is that simple, we can review actual attacks and other aspects like the Software lifecycle, which we have done in the past:

Or the attack stages like in this post:


We have to use intuition but we also have to use our intelligence and logic – if you have not been attacked for years, but did not notice. Maybe your time is up actually, because everyone is being attacked – no matter what!.

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