Darknet Has All Our Data – Including When And How We Vote

Remember This? My Blogpost from Dec 29, which is essentially a review of all hacks in 2015, when you tally everything up you get to 120 million records hacked and compiled potentially.



Now we have David Krebs in his blog Krebsonsecurity¹ stating the disturbing trend of using the Darknet data in warranty fraud.

Using your database information stolen from millions of records taken well from all of the companies listed in Dec29 Blogpost:

Carefirst   1.1 mil   Healthcare

Anthem Blue Cross   80mil  healthcare

Harvard and other Universities: 1mil  education

OPM 25.7 mil  Government

Army nat’l Guard .85mil   Government

Excellus BCBS  10 mil  Healthcare


All this healthcare data was used by the criminal hackers to commit warranty fraud on Fitbit . Using compromised login data and since many users use the same credentials in many places the criminals were changing the email addresses in the Fitbit login, and then once they owned the account starting warranty claims on the most expensive Fitbit($250).

And as Mr. Krebs mentions the accounts cost $2 to buy, and with some effort the criminal can make $250. that is quite a return on investment. 225x

Another interesting item happened late last year: Forbes Thomas Fox-Brewster²  has a story that stated 191 million US voters information was compiled and cataloged.  It was found (by Chris Vickery)on the Internet, and no one can attribute it to any one organization but it seems somebody just made it simple for anyone to get a hand to 191 million voter data which is free to access for a lot of reasons in our political process.

So if you voted in the last 16 years (data since 2000) then your publicly available information is easier to find all in one place for criminals, marketers, governments, campaigners, and foreign governments to do with as they please.  Get used to it.

All of this info is being cataloged by all entities.

Pretty soon guns and religion and anything else about you will be noted and placed in a database somewhere.


Is this what 1984 the book meant by “Big Brother”(written in 1944-1948)?  whether it does or not I think all of us need to be prepared for less privacy and more invasion into what we do as a matter of fact.

especially as computers become smaller and more capable connecting to us with Fitbits and telling the well meaning health provider everything.  If there is money to be made somebody will amass and compile it, and as you can see your information is worth $2 to start but can provide a $250 return with a criminal enterprise.

criminals Have your data






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