Unpatched Exchange Server Sends Phishing Emails That Look Legitimate

Certitute has a story that shows what happens when you decide for one reason or another not to update your Exchange server Apparently somebody did not update the Exchange server (which runs the email for the company). So when the system is not updated it becomes vulnerable of various vulnerabilities. From the story: The IIS … Read more

Another New Ransomware Attack – Delete Files and Hide Them

Yes now your files will be hidden (apparently they will be placed in a Winrar format – which is a kind of packed encrypted format). And then the original files are deleted. There are more details in the Sophos analysis a their blogpost. How about this attack?  KrebsonSecurity has an interesting story about a Nigerian … Read more

New Cyberstrategy: FBI Depends on Hackers to Be Nice

Yes The hackers that just hacked the FBI email server only spammed thousands of email addresses and all they did was embarrass the FBI. The Criminal Justice Information Services division (CJIS) from FBI which apparently manages several national crime information systems, available to the criminal justice community. According to KrebsonSecurity  the “from address” emails to … Read more

How Criminals install Their Software (Malware) On Your systems

Hacker News has an article on how Hackers use a method of installing their software onto your systems. 1. If you notice the problem is when the user opens an attachment or link (URL) in their web browser(Firefox – Microsoft Edge, or Google chrome among the most used browsers) 2. Then the browser decodes the … Read more

The Cybersecurity Mishap to Own All?

Has it finally happened … is everything going to get hacked? Well the issue is everything can be hacked of course. What this latest issue is unfortunately taking advantage of the design flaw in a critical piece of IT technology. Compilers are needed to create software (all software). So what would happen if all compilers … Read more