Yes now your files will be hidden (apparently they will be placed in a Winrar format – which is a kind of packed encrypted format). And then the original files are deleted.

There are more details in the Sophos analysis a their blogpost.

How about this attack?  KrebsonSecurity has an interesting story about a Nigerian scammer asking people employees at companies to unleash ransomware inside the company network in exchange for a percentage of the ransom paid.

Although the attack was denied the budding ransomware criminal entrepeneur put out this idea and now others are taking it up.

picture from KrebsonSecurity

Remember you need to teach your employees your security procedures with a security policy.  This is the only way to stay ahead of all of the new criminal endeavors that will come up

how can you stay ahead of the game

It is always better to work on your security before a criminal attack happens – even from within!!

Contact and take a look at the book


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