Evergrande Collapse Could Cause Cybersecurity Attacks And More

There is a battle of wits, lies and subterfuge going on in China right now within much chaos.   Xi Jinping loves Chaos because it allows the world to be reshaped (as Mao also believed) to the way Jinping wants of course!   Order from Chaos project. It is between the conglomerate Evergrande(#2 R.E. developer in china), … Read more

Cybersecurity Not About Whether To Vaccinate Or Not! cyberjoke Friday

Click on this Story to learn how Cybersecurity may not have anything to do with Vaccines!  Or not!!!  CyberJoke Friday (on Monday). Ok, that may not be a good joke actually… When a hacker was born what happened? Did the doctor slap the baby and then wait for the crying? Baby said “click on email  … Read more

Are You On The Internet?

What does it mean – Am I on the Internet?  Why ask this question? I want you to think about what it actually means. So we have the Internet (Google or other search engines). Each device has an IP address. This means even your watch may have an IP address.  Your IoT devices have IP … Read more